​Prof. Jiang's Group

  1. Shenzhen High-level Talent Team Project, (Project Leader: Xingyu Jiang), New Strategy of Nano Drug-resistant bacteria, 2020-2025.
  2. Guangdong Pearl River Talent Program introducing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, (Project Leader: Xingyu Jiang),Tumour Theranostic Micro-nano Medical Device Platforms, 2020-2025.
  3.  Shenzhen Basic Research Key project, (Project Leader: Xingyu Jiang), Establishment of Fast Nucleic Acid Detection Method Based on PRA-CRISPR and Design of Microfluidics Detection Platform2020-2023.
  4. Shenzhen Bay Laboratory Open Fund Project, (Project Leader: Xingyu Jiang), Rapid In vitro Diagnosis and Drug Selection System for Tumors Based on Microfluidic System,2019-2022
  5. The Synthetic Biology Major Project of the National Key Research and Development Project (Project Leader: Xingyu Jiang), Research and Development of Data Storage Technology Using Synthetic DNA, 2019-2024.
  6. The Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project’s Leader: Xingyu Jiang), The Construction of Blood Vessel-Nerve Networks by Microfluidic and Nanotechnologies for Regeneration and Screening, 2018-2022.